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About us

Inspiring the working population to a healthier lifestyle

About Pitstop Lagos

At Pitstop, everything we do is about you. We wake up every day, hoping to fulfil our purpose of building a better society made of better humans. We achieve this through our dietary-focused restaurant and wellness community created to help you stay fit and healthy.

Founded by a female cycling and wellness enthusiast, Pitstop is one of the top restaurants in Lagos. Besides feeling at home while you sip our custom coffee, we are Nigeria’s first fitness and wellness-themed restaurant. Hence we built the Pitstop brand to foster healthy collaboration with fitness enthusiasts through our community of cyclists and runners, wattbike studio membership, bicycle and accessories store.

We advocate for a healthier lifestyle that transcends the food culture. It’s why our vibrant community enjoys the double benefits of wellness-tailored dietary packages and fitness lifestyle.

What's our Story?

The world is transforming, new ideas, strides in urbanisation and technological advancements are redefining the norms that influence individual and societal lifestyles.

Despite having positive contributions, these advancements have also left a negative impact on our environment, physical activities and nutrition, all of which contribute to an upward trend in the cases of chronic diseases in the world and specifically in low-and-middle-income countries.

An essential aspect of challenging the scourge of chronic diseases in society is changing unhealthy lifestyles to reduce the associated behavioural risk factors like unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and harmful alcohol use.

Tackling these risk factors to endear healthier lifestyles among our communities’ active working population is where Pitstop Lagos has found purpose.